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In brief (tldr)

Thank you for visiting the Cook Repository. This site is all about sharing a love of good food.

All the recipes on this site are the ones I enjoy cooking at home and would personally vouch for.

Longer version

I’m a big fan of food in general, and having been brought up in a house that always did a lot of home cooking, it’s probably no surprise that I’m always seeking out new recipes to try.

Consequently an issue with that is over the years I’ve managed to gather together an ever increasing number of great recipes, which are either scribbled in a tatty notebook or printed on loose pieces of paper. The latter normally end up getting used as a bookmark in another recipe book, forgotten about until finally falling out, where I rediscover that recipe and swear not to lose it again. Repeat this cycle ad infinitum.

As I design and make websites for a living, I figured that I should really make one for myself where I can collate and store these recipes in to some semblance of order. This website is the result!

Check out the recipes on this site.